Thursday, December 30, 2021

Nature as Art

While hiking this week in the Big Sur area of CA, came across these interesting pieces of wood.  I've long been amazed at the patterns and shapes you can see in nature.  If the first pic was an inkblot test, what do you see in it?

This one seems fairly obvious

On another downed and weathered log with much of the bark gone, were these patterns.

No Rorschach test on this one - just interesting whorls and curves

More interesting patterns

OK, now I'll fess up.  Besides the bunny in the first pic, I also see (at around the bunny's neck and shoulder) a silhouette of Jimi Hendrix playing guitar.  Only, (if he's facing us in the image) he's playing right-handed and we all know Jimi played left-handed!  What would a shrink reading my inkblot test say about that?

Happy New Year, everybody.  Looking forward to lots of woodworking and learning in 2022.


  1. Haha, I did not saw Hendrix, but ill take your word for it 😁

    I can just imagine planing those whorls and curves, could be challenging.
    Wood never cease to amaze me, so beautiful

    Happy new year my friend


    1. Thanks, Bob. Happy New Year to you, too. May you complete lots of projects in 2022.

  2. I see a cold front moving southerly. I actually do see it as weather map. The first pic definitely has rabbit ears.

    1. Yeah, I can totally see the weather maps in the last two pics. Good call!