Friday, December 14, 2018

Tool Gloat, Sort Of

A few weeks ago I went to a tool show in Ripon, CA, put on by PAST Tool Collectors.  PAST used to stand for "Preserving Arts and Skills of the Trades" and was originally associated with EAIA, the Early American Industries Association.  Anyway, my intent was to limit my purchases to a couple of old plane irons for two planes that I plan to build (hopefully soon).  But at the end of the tool meet, there was an auction that included about 50 "lots" (boxes) of tools.  I had scoped out the boxes beforehand and didn't see anything that I thought I needed.  But I wanted to stay for the auction anyway.  As it turned out, I got "shamed" into bidding on a box and $10 later this box came home with me.
My $10 haul
Anybody who reads my blather knows I'm not a tool collector.  I just don't have the space to collect stuff, not to mention I think collecting is a disservice to usable tools and to those who might use them but can't because somebody else has them on a display shelf.

Anyway, here's what's in the box.

Stanley Defiance #1214 hand drill
Unknown plastic handle and chuck from a missing brace
Stanley #923-10 IN-Y 10 inch sweep brace
Stanley Handyman #H1250 10 inch sweep brace
Dunlap 10 inch sweep brace
W. A. Ives 13/16" auger bit
Hand saw handle (no maker name, just Warranted Superior medallion), including 4 saw bolts
Chisel, unknown maker, a little over 1/2" (may only be useful as a paint can opener)
Buck Brothers gouge, 5/16" radius curvature at cutting edge (I don't know the "sweep" numbering)

I already have two braces and a couple hand drills, and I don't need more.  But the gouge is another story.  I've got two larger gouges and this smaller one will come in very handy.  And it's a Buck Brothers, so I'd bet the steel is very good.  I'm gong to replace the handle and it should be a great user tool.

I've cleaned up most of these tools now and I'm thinking about giving most of them away.  Time will tell.