Thursday, December 2, 2021

Make a Small Moxon Vise from a 2x4

Having recently made some wooden screws and wanting to put them to use, a Moxon vise was in order.  A chunk of a 2x4 was used for the project.  Two pieces, each approx. 18" long were squared up to about 1 3/8" x 3 1/4".

The parts

After marking for the holes, an expansive bit was used to bore 1 1/4" holes in the front piece.  A standard 1" auger bit was used for the back piece.  The back piece needed inside threads, so a scrap of the same 2x4 was used first to see how it would take threads.  Surprisingly, it took threads very well, so the rear piece of the vise was tapped.

Inside threads in the rear piece

A way to keep the front chop attached to the screws was needed.  The screws were put on the bungee lathe and a 1/4" (strong) notch was excavated between the threads and the location of a handle.  A "keeper" was made from some 1/4" thick stock by boring a centered hole and then splitting the piece in half.

The split keeper next to it's actual location

Showing how the keeper holds the screw to the front chop

The screws needed handles, so a piece of 1/2" dowel was fitted just a little loosely into holes bored in the back end of the screw.  A 1/8" dowel was used at the ends of the 1/2" dowel to keep the handle from falling out of the screw.

Knife points at the small dowels holding the handle to the screw

The vise in action

This thing holds incredibly strongly.  And if leather was added to the chops it would be even better.  Now whether or not this Moxon vise actually gets used is another question.  Time will tell.

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