Thursday, April 28, 2016

Help!! I've Got A Scrap Problem

I'm experiencing post-project woodworking doldrums.  After finishing the chairs I'm having a tough time getting to something else.  You know what that means - it's time to clean up the shop.

I'm sure this is not true for anyone else out there, but I've got wood cut-offs everywhere.  Here's my benchtop with scrap from the dining chairs.  A lot of it is wedge-shaped from cutting the back legs.  Will I really ever do anything with it?
But that's not all ...
Here's more wedge shaped scrap on my saw bench:
A case of the wedgies
I keep a lot of smaller cutoffs in a milk crate under the bench for a fire next time we go camping.  Problem is I've already got another full crate and an overstuffed box in an outside closet.
More cutoffs!
This is in addition to a few areas in the shop where I've been storing shorter (but useable, honest!) scraps.  Here's some behind the bench.
More wood!!
And more - aaagh!  And note the plywood cutoffs between the shelves and the plastic bin unit.
And there are a couple more shelves that I didn't get pictures of that house small cutoffs.

A couple years ago I built an overhead storage area above where the garage door rolls up to.  I use that for longer stock, but as I'm sure you can guess, there are cutoffs up there, too.
Overhead lumber storage
I have two choices here - get rid of most of the shorts on Freecycle or Craigslist or keep them for that project that I'm sure will come along that will be perfect for them.

In a tiny shop, I guess you just have to bite the bullet and get rid of some stuff.  Time to do the deed.


  1. Hi Matt,
    I have got a similar problem and trust me my shop is much smaller than yours.
    My procedure is to store the off cuts until the project is finished. After that I try to get rid of all that stuff (except I have got real useable parts).
    I've stored wedged off cuts for a while and finally given away that stuff to a friend - as fire wood.

  2. Matt don't toss them or use them for firewood. You are inbetween projects - find a use for them and make something. I keep my scraps until I start tripping over them and can't walk around in the shop anymore. That is when I do a clean up.

  3. And you think YOU have that problem ? :-) Join our ranks...
    Seriously you may want to keep some of those hardwood wedge, you can use them for all kinds of planing stops, board holder and etc, even as glue clamps.

    Bob, who has a wood scrap problem.. I hear you brother :-)